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Welcome to the TLC

The Transformative Learning Center is a school for personal evolution. We teach teachers, professionals, and lifelong learners.

We believe in the power of education to transform lives.

Transform yourself and

find a career path to support transformation in others.


Evolve U

Evolve U at the TLC, led by Dr. Tonya Ensign & Sarah Klein, operates at the intersection of ancient wisdom, research, and modern life. Evolve U delivers evidence-based programs in all areas of wellbeing.

A Yoga School

A Yoga School at the TLC, led by Sarah Klein, offers lineage and evidence-based Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga teacher training programs, immersions, continuing education courses, and weekly classes.

Hello Doc

Hello Doc at the TLC, led by Dr. Tonya Ensign, focuses on teaching doctoral students how to finish their dissertations so they can publish their research and graduate. Hello Doc offers courses, workshops and retreats.


/tran(t)sˈfôrm ə tiv/


  1. causing a marked change in someone or something.

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300 Hour Yoga
Teacher Training Now Open for Enrollment!

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