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Workshops & Special Events

Deep Dive Into
Backbend & Twisting Postures

Saturday, April 29
12-2 PM

$40 pre-register/ $45 at door

Contact Sarah Directly to hold your spot


or pay via Venmo @TransformativeLearningCenter



Join Sarah Klein & K-Lea Gifford in this deep dive, we will explore fundamentals, modifications and artful play in backbends and twisting postures. Spring is a wonderful time to deepen into these invigorating and cleansing postures. These two categories of poses pair well together as twists are an essential counterpose to a backbend practice. Step into Asana Lab, and intimately explore and feel the energetics of these postures so you can incorporate them into your home practice. We will weave the wisdom of Yoga Sutra 2:33 into our practice. Prepare your body, educate your practice and come ready to playfully explore these postures to enhance your life. All levels and experiences are welcomed.

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